Peter Swanson

Peter stoking his amagama kiln

Born in 1950, Peter began working in potteries from 1967 in between travelling to various parts of the world and absorbing different cultures.

In 1974 Peter moved to St. Ives, Cornwall helping his family establisha pottery on the Penbeagle Estate.

Self taught, he established his own pottery in 1976 working in earthenware. Over the years his method of working has evolved, he now works in reduction fired stoneware and porcelain, specialising in specific varieties of individual Ash Glazes.

Peter uses a self built gas fired reduction kiln of some 36 cu.ft. for both domestic and individual pieces.

He built an Anagama kiln in 2004 which has enabled him to explore surface decoration that is not possible in the gas kiln.

From 2013 to 2014, Peter was on the board of the Leach Pottery in St. Ives.

His work is sold at his studio, galleries and exhibitions.

Peter with Warren MacKenzie in 2013

American potter Warren MacKenzie who worked at the Leach Pottery in the 1950s making a visit to Peter's studio in 2013.

Porcelain yunomi for Mashiko Earthquake Appeal

In 2011, Peter made 25 special porcelain yunomis raising over £1000 for the Mashiko (Japan) Earthquake Appeal.

Guinomi made with Tregonning Hill china clay

Having lived by Tregonning Hill for nearly 40 years and on occasion used the China Clay under the hill as an ingredient in his glazes and clay mixes, Peter recently read Edward de Wall's "The White Road" and has once again been digging!


It must be an age since the Tregonning China Clay has been used to produce Porcelain and Peter is pleased to have produced a very fine Porcelain that is both translucent, plastic, and pure enough to use at cone 11.


Peter doesn't plan to go into production but will just mix enough for the occasional kiln.

Guinomis made with Tregonning Hill china clay